What is Zero Waste?

So, if you live a Zero Waste lifestyle do you mean you produce no trash?

No… but I totally get why you would think that! Zero does not literally mean zero.  Currently, with the state of our economy and its design structure, we cannot avoid waste. It is impossible with all of the excess packaging and throw away items. However, as consumers, we can significantly (and easily) lessen the amount of waste we generate by being more conscious of what we buy and how much we buy. So, yes.. even Zero Waste advocates and activists do generate some amount of waste! The goal is to get as close to zero as possible. Someday we can possibly be literally at zero, but, until then, we strive for zero!

Then why is it called Zero Waste?

Zero Waste is actually an industrial term that refers to the design and manufacturing model for a circular economy. A circular economy, or a cradle-to-cradle economy, is when products are carefully designed, manufactured, consumed, and recovered without waste as an end result. This model of design focuses on sustainability and avoiding waste. The goal is to be zero; to create zero amount of waste. The term has evolved into an umbrella term that can now be used to describe someones lifestyle. This is why many people say they are living Zero Waste. They really are living life with less trash. When more and more people buy reusable alternatives to disposable, single-use items the economy will shift. The more we avoid plastics and demand sustainable, reusable products, the more companies will change their design and manufacturing model to fit consumer demands.

If our economy is not circular/zero waste, then what is it?

Currently, our economy is linear, or cradle-to-grave. Products are designed and manufactured with the intention of those products becoming waste after a short period of time. From the cradle right to the grave, we live in a world of disposables and single-use.

I could go on, but that is what my blog is for! I hope this information cleared up any confusions and settled any misconceptions. This is an introduction to Zero Waste.

Thank you!

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