Be Zero Non-Profit Organization: Earth Week Day 4

Happy Earth Week! “Producing less trash does more than just help the environment. By moving from a disposable consumer lifestyle to a reusable consumer lifestyle, you’ll simplify your belongings, create healthier and more meaningful experiences, and become an informed and empowered consumer.” — Andrea Sanders, Founder & Director of Be Zero Earth Week Day 4 Be Zero Non-Profit Organization Today I want to shine light on the non-profit organization, Be Zero. Founded by Andrea Sanders, Be Zero is an excellent source for all things Zero Waste and Community involvement. The organization’s website shares a 30 Day Zero Waste Challenge, Make Less Trash Guide, and Zero Waste Blog. These are great resources for guiding you along your Zero Waste journey! Be Zero is where my Zero Waste journey began. Thanks to Andrea, I learned a great deal about recycling, community involvement, sustainable alternatives, and ways to lessen how much waste I generate. Andrea is an incredibly knowledgeable and genuine person who […]

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The Four Dog Defense: Distraction and Deception

Happy Doc Monday! Today’s Documentary Focus: The Human Experiment While this documentary is excellent for many reasons (real life examples from various effects of synthetic chemicals in consumer products, for example), today I want to shine light on one topic from this film: the Four Dog Defense tactic. Distraction and deception is the foundation of the Four Dog Defense.   Distraction and Deception: The Four Dog Defense Let us look more into the Four Dog Defense tactic that companies have been commonly using when scientists, health advocates, and concerned consumers began voicing their concerns for the use of man-made industrial toxic chemicals in consumer products. First Defense: “My dog does not bite.” The company denies its product is harmful. As consumers, we implicitly trust that companies will be honest and provide safe products. Companies will simply deny and discredit scientists and studies suggesting or proving their products are harmful. Without any relationship being established, a blind trust commonly exists […]

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ZW Misconceptions

Today I want to shine a light on 3 common Zero Waste misconceptions that I frequently experience. I think it is important to address these misconception in order for the Zero Waste movement to continue spreading across the globe. Those misconceptions are:   Zero means Zero. Wrong. It is impossible right now not to produce any amount of waste. Even the most experienced Zero Wasters still produce waste. Zero Waste is simply what we strive for. In the meantime, you may hear others using the phrase “less waste” as opposed to Zero Waste in order to avoid any confusion. The term Zero Waste was originally created to describe a circular, or Zero Waste economy in which products are carefully and intentionally designed, manufactured, distributed, consumed, and recovered in such a way that waste and landfill are not solutions to a products. In a properly functioning Zero Waste economy, zero would actually mean zero. Likewise, Zero does not mean zero because of the […]

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