Composting for Newbies

A great Zero Waste effort is composting because it takes organic waste and gives it new life! Composting may not be fun for everyone, but it is certainly worth a try! Composting cuts down on the dependence for landfills. I currently do not compost, but I will get there! For now I am learning more about it, so I want to share with you the information a local farmer provided my family. What Is Compost? Compost is nutrient rich soil formed from decomposing organic matter. It is a great additive to gardens and enriches pre-existing soil. The act of composting is a form of recycling; you are taking waste, aiding it through the decomposition process (composting), and then reusing the compost to grow new life for new plants or crops! When you compost, you are essentially speeding up the decomposition process by adding water, soil, worms, and you also mix up the matter to allow more air […]

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Earth Week Day 6: Zero Waste Alternatives

Happy Earth Week!  “Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.” -Albert Einstein Earth Week Day Six Zero Waste Alternatives Tomorrow is Earth Day! A great way to help out the environment is to live a Zero Waste lifestyle; a lifestyle in which you try and lessen the amount of waste you generate! Zero Waste is about being a conscious consumer and working towards minimizing the amount of trash we all individually put out into the environment. I have a number of posts on my blog that give insight as to why it is important to reduce our waste and work towards a more sustainable, zero waste lifestyle! Learn about virgin plastic, landfills, recycling to get started! Here is a short list some Zero Waste alternatives I use to avoid plastic, packaging, and harsh chemicals. Click here to see full list. There are more changes I will be making in my life, […]

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Virgin Plastic: Why New Is Not Better

Virgin Plastic and Why It Is a Problem Virgin plastic is brand new manufactured plastic. The problem with virgin plastic is that we already have way too much plastic produced. We also have no true recovery system for it. There is so much plastic in existence that we do not know where to even put it. You might be wondering, “What about recycling?” Click here to learn more about the myth of recycling! As much as I dislike plastic because of its harmful synthetic chemical composition and its dangerous effects on the environment and its inhabitants, I have to admit that the general idea of plastic is genius. The density, color, size, shape, quality, can all be determined by manufacturers. Plastic is durable and cheap to make. Astoundingly, plastic defeats us in the quest for eternal physical life on Earth. Plastic sounds like a magical solution, doesn’t it? Right now, can you imagine […]

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