Composting for Newbies

A great Zero Waste effort is composting because it takes organic waste and gives it new life! Composting may not be fun for everyone, but it is certainly worth a try! Composting cuts down on the dependence for landfills. I currently do not compost, but I will get there! For now I am learning more about it, so I want to share with you the information a local farmer provided my family. What Is Compost? Compost is nutrient rich soil formed from decomposing organic matter. It is a great additive to gardens and enriches pre-existing soil. The act of composting is a form of recycling; you are taking waste, aiding it through the decomposition process (composting), and then reusing the compost to grow new life for new plants or crops! When you compost, you are essentially speeding up the decomposition process by adding water, soil, worms, and you also mix up the matter to allow more air […]

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