Earth Week Day 6: Zero Waste Alternatives

Happy Earth Week!  “Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.” -Albert Einstein Earth Week Day Six Zero Waste Alternatives Tomorrow is Earth Day! A great way to help out the environment is to live a Zero Waste lifestyle; a lifestyle in which you try and lessen the amount of waste you generate! Zero Waste is about being a conscious consumer and working towards minimizing the amount of trash we all individually put out into the environment. I have a number of posts on my blog that give insight as to why it is important to reduce our waste and work towards a more sustainable, zero waste lifestyle! Learn about virgin plastic, landfills, recycling to get started! Here is a short list some Zero Waste alternatives I use to avoid plastic, packaging, and harsh chemicals. Click here to see full list. There are more changes I will be making in my life, […]

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Earth Week Day 1: 7 Tips For A Successful Zero Waste Journey

  Happy Earth Week!  “I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use.” -Mother Teresa Earth Week Day One 7 Tips For A Successful Zero Waste Journey I want to start off Earth Week by focusing on the Zero Waste journey (surprise, surprise!). Here is a list of 7 tips I find useful for not only beginners, but anyone at any stage of the game! These tips are what help me continue my journey with a clear head and understanding of what I am doing and why! If you have any tips you would like to share, leave a comment below!   Understand What Zero Waste Is . This will build you a strong foundation for your journey! Clear up common Zero Waste Misconceptions . This helps me explain to others who are confused. Go at your own pace. The journey should not be […]

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The Four Dog Defense: Distraction and Deception

Happy Doc Monday! Today’s Documentary Focus: The Human Experiment While this documentary is excellent for many reasons (real life examples from various effects of synthetic chemicals in consumer products, for example), today I want to shine light on one topic from this film: the Four Dog Defense tactic. Distraction and deception is the foundation of the Four Dog Defense.   Distraction and Deception: The Four Dog Defense Let us look more into the Four Dog Defense tactic that companies have been commonly using when scientists, health advocates, and concerned consumers began voicing their concerns for the use of man-made industrial toxic chemicals in consumer products. First Defense: “My dog does not bite.” The company denies its product is harmful. As consumers, we implicitly trust that companies will be honest and provide safe products. Companies will simply deny and discredit scientists and studies suggesting or proving their products are harmful. Without any relationship being established, a blind trust commonly exists […]

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