Solo Female Travel: Why I Did What I Did

I quit my full-time job to solo female travel with a one-way ticket to Europe.

The best thing you can do for yourself is try whatever it is you desire, no matter how afraid you are. In my opinion, it is more terrifying to sit back and wonder and let opportunities pass by with time, than it is to actually take the leap and know. Even if it fails, at least you know.


Solo Female Travel: The Idea

Wanting to quit my job and travel solo was not a means of running away from my problems or escaping reality. We will always have problems no matter where we are or what we do. I do not have a bad life, therefore, I really did not have anything to run away from. I just began to see some aspects of my life follow down a monotonous, unfulfilling road that was not what I had in mind for myself.

Moreover, I decided I wanted to try and make a career doing something I have interest in instead of just settling like I was. I had a good job, it just was not the job for me. I see other people living their passions, so why couldn’t I? So, I wanted to quit my job, and work towards a life of advocating for Zero Waste and the environment in some way; in any way!

Before settling down in a new career, I wanted to travel. Now is the time. I am single, no kids, no house, no pets, and no dream job. Not that travel cannot happen with those things, but I just felt that my current situation was a great time for me to explore a little bit! So, I wanted to travel, and the only way I could travel at this time, was to do solo female travel.

Solo Female Travel: The Point

Being certain of those two desires, I thought why not quit my job and backpack through Europe? There have been plenty of women who do solo female travel, so why couldn’t I? Although the idea did scare me, I was also very excited about it. I wanted to take chances; test my abilities, my strengths and weaknesses, and just go for it. I wanted to learn to be more confident and independent in myself. My decisions may not be totally conventional, but that is okay. Sometimes, we just need to do what we think is best for us. Be your own individual!

Ultimately, the point of my trip was to make myself proud and just be a free spirit for once. Please keep in mind that quitting a job to travel is not the only way to live a meaningful, fulfilling life. I am not suggesting everyone does it. Look inside yourself and ask yourself what YOU want and what will make YOU happy. Quitting a job and/or traveling solo is not for everyone!

What I Planned vs What Played Out

My original plan was to travel solo for weeks or months and to multiple countries throughout Europe. I had a very open mind going in to this trip because I have never traveled solo before. Moreover, I was not sure I would love it or be able to handle it for a long time. Therefore, I did not plan much ahead of time. I love traveling, so I had a big goal of making it a long journey covering a lot of ground and letting the wind blow me in whatever direction it wanted to.

What ended up playing out was a 5 day trip to Iceland and then home. My 5 days in Iceland was great! I had a blast and was totally fine being alone. Iceland is my new favorite country! Furthermore, 5 days in Iceland turned out to be all I could handle.

The day before I was to depart Iceland for Switzerland I had a bit of a panic attack. Reality hit me like a sack of bricks. “I don’t want to go…” That thought played in my mind like a broken record. It was not even nerves or some weird excitement. It was certainty that I was done. Why force it? So, I booked a trip home! My solo female travel journey was complete, and now it is time to move on!

Reality was very different than my dream, but that is okay. I had high hopes of covering more ground, but I also had an open heart and knew that I might not make it that far. The point of this trip was to feel fulfilled and to be independent, and although it turned out way differently than initially planned, I ultimately got what I wanted to get out of it.

What is Next?

My passion is in the Environment. I am in love with Zero Waste. My goal is to work a job that benefits the environment, and promotes sustainability and a Zero Waste future. I want to continue to travel as much as I can, and to be open-minded and open-hearted; Take on every opportunity I can get and support others the way others support me!

Thank you!

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