My ZW Alternatives

Below you will find examples of my Zero Waste efforts regarding hygiene, laundry, kitchen, and to-go. I have a ways to go with where I want to be with Zero Waste. Remember that everyone’s journey is different. We all have different priorities, needs, and desires. Any change you make does have a huge impact on the environment and helps in the shift towards Zero Waste. Do not feel that you have to go all in!

Try to avoid the disposables and plastics. Here’s why. If you cannot DIY that is okay. Shop local and small for all-natural, eco-friendly products! In fact, shop local and secondhand as much as possible. Consume only what you NEED. That is a top consuming method for Zero Waste living!

Hygiene & Laundry Alternatives

First, let’s begin with the face. My alternatives consist of a bamboo toothbrush from Brush With Bamboo (Use Code LESSTRASH for 10% off your purchase!), Radius brand biodegradable floss, and DIY toothpaste. I also rinse my face most nights with cold water and organic body soap. Additionally, once or twice a week I will wash with baking soda and/or do a Bentonite clay face mask. I moisturize with Jojoba oil and use diluted Tea tree oil on pimples. Secondly, for the skin, I make my own body butter (Equal parts she butter and coconut oil). For shaving, I use a Van Hagen brand safety razor. For my periods, I use reusable organic cotton pads and a Moon Cup. As far as deodorant I use all natural deodorant in a glass jar from Tiny Yellow Bungalow. For my hair, I use Plaine Products which is a small business in the US that offers environmentally friendly shampoo and takes back your empty bottles and refills them! Lastly, I use wool dryer balls to cut down on heat and drying time.

Shopping & To-go Alternatives


Foremost, ditch plastic bags and bottles. I do this by bringing my own Klean Kanteen that I bought secondhand from Amazon. Furthermore, I have reusable produce bags from Yore, folding stainless steel utensils, one small and one large cloth napkins, and a mason jar or glass Pyrex container for food or beverage storage. To-go coffee is not a necessity for me, but if I were to buy a to-go mug I would get a Joco Cup.

I try to shop secondhand or small businesses first. Amazon or a big business is last resort.

Kitchen Alternatives

If you need to buy kitchenware, I highly suggest secondhand. Every secondhand store I have ever been in had an excellent selection of kitchenware. Furthermore, ask your friends and family if they have anything they are not using! Half of my kitchenware came from my mother and grandmother.

Yore is a beautiful small business with excellent products for kitchen use! I recently got my dish scrubber and produce bags from them. Dr.Bronners Castile soap is great diluted for dish washing and also hand soap (add essential oils too for smell and natural antibacterial cleaning!) I like buying Castile Soap (even though it is plastic in plastic) because it is trusted, safe, and Fair Trade.


Use What You have, Shop Secondhand, Shop Small/Local

A small business I currently fell in love with is AndAgain Co. They take secondhand, forgotten denim and up-cycle them into new pairs of jeans. Use code ZWW25 for 25% off your purchase! I love to see companies that are sustainable and environmentally focused. Companies should take responsibility for their products and what impact those products have on the environment.


Thank you!

Those are all of my ZW alternative examples. Remember, we all have different needs and products. Most importantly, use what you already have! Rather, if you need to buy something, try shopping secondhand first then go from there! You may need more or less of what I have. If you are looking for alternative ideas for something I did not list here, feel free to message me and I will try and assist you!

Please feel free to contact me with any Zero Waste related questions/comments/tips/experiences, etc! Let’s be friends on Facebook,  Instagram , Twitter , and YouTube too!

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