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So you wanna get in touch? Awesome! I would love to hear from you. Any and all Zero Waste related emails are welcomed.

Here’s What’s Cool With Me

  • Your personal Zero Waste experience. Yea, that’s right! Share your journey with me! I love to hear others’ perspectives.
  • Constructive Criticism. If you can kindly teach me something, great! Share that with me and I will embrace your words.
  • Friendly debates regarding ZW.
  • Zero Waste tips, tricks, recommendations, and advice
  • Personal questions about Zero Waste. I am pretty open to talk about anything as far as my ZW dislikes, my ZW struggles, ZW periods, etc. I do not have a totally perfect lifestyle. So, my struggles are real and relatable!



Something Wrong?

If you have found any grammatical or spelling errors on my page, please let me know so I can update the site! If you feel I referenced a source or misrepresented a word or topic incorrectly, please let me know! Email any corrections to: