Be Zero Non-Profit Organization: Earth Week Day 4

Happy Earth Week!

“Producing less trash does more than just help the environment. By moving from a disposable consumer lifestyle to a reusable consumer lifestyle, you’ll simplify your belongings, create healthier and more meaningful experiences, and become an informed and empowered consumer.” — Andrea Sanders, Founder & Director of Be Zero

Be Zero Non-profit Organization
Be Zero is a non-profit organization educating and inspiring others to reduce their trash and get involved in the community.

Earth Week Day 4

Be Zero Non-Profit Organization

Today I want to shine light on the non-profit organization, Be Zero. Founded by Andrea Sanders, Be Zero is an excellent source for all things Zero Waste and Community involvement. The organization’s website shares a 30 Day Zero Waste Challenge, Make Less Trash Guide, and Zero Waste Blog. These are great resources for guiding you along your Zero Waste journey!

Be Zero is where my Zero Waste journey began. Thanks to Andrea, I learned a great deal about recycling, community involvement, sustainable alternatives, and ways to lessen how much waste I generate. Andrea is an incredibly knowledgeable and genuine person who is always willing to share her advice and experiences. Follow her on Instagram for tips, advice, explanations, and ideas.

Thank you!

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