Earth Week Day 6: Zero Waste Alternatives

Happy Earth Week!

 “Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.”
-Albert Einstein

Earth Week Day Six

Zero Waste Alternatives

Tomorrow is Earth Day! A great way to help out the environment is to live a Zero Waste lifestyle; a lifestyle in which you try and lessen the amount of waste you generate! Zero Waste is about being a conscious consumer and working towards minimizing the amount of trash we all individually put out into the environment. I have a number of posts on my blog that give insight as to why it is important to reduce our waste and work towards a more sustainable, zero waste lifestyle! Learn about virgin plastic, landfills, recycling to get started!

Here is a short list some Zero Waste alternatives I use to avoid plastic, packaging, and harsh chemicals. Click here to see full list. There are more changes I will be making in my life, but this is where I am at currently.

  1. Reusable water bottle – Klean Kanteen
  2. Reusable produce and shopping bags – Yore
  3. Cloth pads and Moon Cup
  4. Bamboo toothbrush – Brush With Bamboo (code LESSTRASH for 10% off!)
  5. All natural toothpaste – My tutorial
  6. Wooden hair brush
  7. Secondhand kitchenware from Goodwill and family
  8. Stainless steel folding utensils
  9. Safe Razor
  10. Stainless Steel straws
  11. Cloth napkins
  12. Beeswax Food wrap – Abeego


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