Earth Week Day 1: 7 Tips For A Successful Zero Waste Journey


Happy Earth Week!

 “I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use.”
-Mother Teresa

Earth Week Day One

7 Tips For A Successful Zero Waste Journey

I want to start off Earth Week by focusing on the Zero Waste journey (surprise, surprise!). Here is a list of 7 tips I find useful for not only beginners, but anyone at any stage of the game! These tips are what help me continue my journey with a clear head and understanding of what I am doing and why! If you have any tips you would like to share, leave a comment below!


  1. Understand What Zero Waste Is . This will build you a strong foundation for your journey!
  2. Clear up common Zero Waste Misconceptions . This helps me explain to others who are confused.
  3. Go at your own pace. The journey should not be a race or stressful!
  4. Tackle one Zero Waste alternative at a time. Here are some ideas!
  5. Get involved in the Zero Waste Community! You will learn so much from fellow Zero Wasters!
  6. Have a reason why you want to produce less waste. Maybe it is for these two reasons –> Recycling and/or Landfills . Or maybe it is a personal reason. Whatever the reason is, that is great! It helps to have a clear idea why you want to change your life.
  7. Know that you and your efforts matter! No matter how big, small, or frequent your efforts are. Every refused plastic bottle or bag helps! Collectively, we will make a difference. It takes individual efforts and persistence.


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Zero Wast Alternatives
Here are some ideas for Zero Waste alternatives that are more durable and sustainable compared to disposables and plastic items.

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