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Communication is Key to Successful Relationships!

Do me a favor when you read my blog…speak up! This blog is intended to be an open communication platform for Zero Waste and related topics! I am here to share my journey of living a life with less trash and choosing more experiences over things. I am here to discuss various Zero Waste related topics; benefits of community involvement, a Zero Waste economy, the Zero Waste mentality, misconceptions and criticisms, tips and tricks,  DIY products, and plastic alternatives. I will also share any source of Zero Waste inspiration such as books, documentaries, talks, etc.

Moreover, I want to hear from YOU! Share with me your experiences, thoughts, opinions, tips, whatever you feel is of Zero Waste value!

What I Love Most About Zero Waste

There are, three aspects regarding the Zero Waste lifestyle that I love the most and those are Value, Mindfulness, and Community.

First, Zero Waste will lead you to a life of value and appreciating what you own and what you create. You will value yourself, others, and the environment. Second, Zero Waste teaches us to be more mindful of our actions, our decisions, and the effects of our choices. Lastly, Zero Waste will open you up to a community of incredibly smart, friendly, supportive advocates and activists. I value verbal and social media communication so much more now!

Is Zero Waste the only way to experience a life of value, mindfulness, and community? Absolutely not! There are plenty of great things in this world that can fulfill any voids we have within ourselves. There are numerous positive communities looking to make the world a better place! Zero Waste is not the say all or number 1, it is just what I am passionate about and what I chose to advocate for!

The Good and the Bad

Whether you look at Zero Waste from a political, economic, social, or personal lifestyle stand point, you will learn to view the environment, people, yourself, and the effects your actions through new and various perspectives. You will met many amazing people, and value life and possessions differently. The more you learn, the more you change, and the more you change the more wisdom you acquire and personal growth you achieve, and who does not become happy from that!?

Living a life with less trash and more value will prove you with countless experiences. There are, however, sometimes difficult experiences you will face at some point: trial and errors, criticism, rejection, “hypocrisy”, maybe some embarrassing moments. Despite all of that, it is OKAY! Mistakes, opposers or constructive criticism all shape us as a people and broadens our perspective. If you stick around, you will read about how I deal with the negative stuff and am still leading a very happy and enthusiastic Zero Waste focused life despite all of it!


Thank you for stopping by. Please feel free to contact me with any Zero Waste related questions/comments/tips/experiences, etc! Let’s be friends on Facebook,  Instagram , Twitter , and YouTube too!



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