BPA and Why It Should Be Avoided

Bisphenol A, or BPA, is one of those things that a lot of people know exists and is bad, but are not really sure why. How many times were you told a product is bad, but still used it anyways because, I mean, how bad can it really be if it’s being sold on the market? I know I am guilty of that! So, today I want to shine a little bit of light on what BPA is and some reasons why it is harmful and should be avoided when possible. What is BPA? Bisphenol A, or BPA is a synthetic Estrogen chemical compound, or manmade chemical compound with Estrogen properties. A synthetic chemical is a man-made, unnatural chemical compound formed through a chemical process. As one of the highest produced synthetic chemicals in the world, it is currently a 6 billion dollar industry. BPA is commonly found in almost all plastic products on the […]

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Landfills Are Not The Solution

Today I am shining light on the eye-opening documentary called Trashed. I will briefly discuss landfills and how they are not a solution to the “waste problem”. A Look Inside Landfills As our linear economy continues to feed us and overconsumption thrives with our false dependence and addiction to single-use and disposables, we are running into a major problem. That problem being where to put the excessive amount of waste we are generating. Currently, we dump the waste in landfills, but is this really a good solution? To an extent, consumers are at least aware of the amount of waste pollution out there. However, I feel that the mindset that we are taught to have is that waste is to be looked at as a “trash problem”, and consumers are “litterbugs” who are largely responsible for the amount of waste pollution. This mindset is a sneaky way for companies and manufacturers to point the blame. The reality is that we […]

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The Four Dog Defense: Distraction and Deception

Happy Doc Monday! Today’s Documentary Focus: The Human Experiment While this documentary is excellent for many reasons (real life examples from various effects of synthetic chemicals in consumer products, for example), today I want to shine light on one topic from this film: the Four Dog Defense tactic. Distraction and deception is the foundation of the Four Dog Defense.   Distraction and Deception: The Four Dog Defense Let us look more into the Four Dog Defense tactic that companies have been commonly using when scientists, health advocates, and concerned consumers began voicing their concerns for the use of man-made industrial toxic chemicals in consumer products. First Defense: “My dog does not bite.” The company denies its product is harmful. As consumers, we implicitly trust that companies will be honest and provide safe products. Companies will simply deny and discredit scientists and studies suggesting or proving their products are harmful. Without any relationship being established, a blind trust commonly exists […]

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